60 min suitable for children 6+? 890 Kč

To be propelled by the wind, to be illuminated by the stars, to dance with your feet on the ground, to jump, to sing...

From the outside, it looks like a mobile circus show stop, but when you open the caravan door, you enter a whole different world. A bohemian campsite where you get your feet muddy and trip over a chicken coop, but also watch sunsets and starry skies, wind and rain, joy and fear, absurdity, longing - and most of all, your dreams.

Victor Cathala, a six-foot-tall giant, and Kati Pikkarainen, a six-foot-tall doll, return to Letní Letná with Cirque Aïtal to perform A ciel ouvert – Under the Open Sky.

Under a makeshift shelter in the courtyard, they are going to welcome their audience with hospitality and treat them like members of a travelling family, coming and going for the night depending on where the wind blows. But what the audience takes away from this unusual encounter is a sense of immediacy, intimacy, and interaction.

Victor and Kati are among the artists who can rise above their physical imperfections and look at the world around them with insight and humour. In A ciel ouvert, they have created an extraordinary world where traditional circus meets the new, and becomes a space for poetry, music, acrobatic acts and clown acts. And, for those with an open heart, for miracles.

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