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Do you attend Letní Letná performances every year? Are you anxiously waiting for the pre‑sale to start so you can be the first to get tickets?
Are you interested in news about the festival and contemporary circus in general?

With our Circus Fan Card, you can become part of our circus family that grows every year. What exactly does it mean and what can you expect?
Possibility to choose the best places in the circus tents * // * Applies only to foreign performances.
Every circus tent is different, some have numbered seating and some don't. However, you can get the unique opportunity to pick your seats before anyone else.
In tents with numbered seats, you will be able to book your seats 14 days before the start of the official pre-sale by following a special link to purchase tickets.
In tents without numbered seats, we will reserve the best seats for the first 20 club members. You can reserve them from August (the exact date will be specified), after purchasing your ticket.
The information will be sent to your e-mail.
Discounted tickets
During the year, we always prepare several time-limited events for club members, during which it is possible to purchase discounted tickets for concrete performances.
First hand information
You will receive a newsletter with all the important information about the festival: who is coming to the festival or what accompanying program is in the making. At the same time, you will be the first to find out about all planned events and discounted tickets!

Letní Letná isn't just performances but also the atmosphere in the festival area which includes good food and drinks. Come for some refreshments with a 10% discount! Valid only in selected food stalls.


Discount on festival merchandise

From our diverse food zone, you can head straight to the festival shop where you will get a 10% discount on festival merchandise: T-shirts, bags, socks and more goodies a true circus fan needs!


How to register?

The first step is to log in to your account on our website.. If you have already shopped with us, log in. If you are here for the first time, register.

After logging in, purchase a Circus Fans Card in the Loyalty Program tab. The membership price is CZK 20 and can be paid online.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to benefit from the Circus Fans Card, you must register before purchasing tickets.

Terms and conditions

Registration for the program is not limited. All benefits are tied to a concrete club card, its number and the e-mail the card is associated with.

We can send the card to you by regular mail.

If you experience any technical difficulties working with our system, contact us at