Visitor Rules of the festival

In the festival area, visitors are obliged to follow the Visitor Rules.


  • Only visitors with a valid ticket are allowed to enter the show.
  • Paid tickets cannot be refunded.
  • Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to perform at a foreign performance and performance in the Czech tent.
  • The organizer is entitled to close the entrance to the tents at the festival in case of exhaustion of the capacity of the tents, but such closing does not apply to visitors with a ticket purchased in advance, which will be allowed entry in such a case. The organizer is entitled to close the entrance to the tent for security reasons. The organizer does not guarantee entry to the tents after the start of the performance, regardless of the ticket purchased.
  • The organizer is entitled to perform a security check and identification of festival visitors upon entering the festival, including a check on infectivity on COVID-19 or objects brought to the festival.
  • The following must not be introduced or used at the festival: weapons, pyrotechnics, narcotics or toxic substances.
  • Smoking inside tents is not allowed.
  • Any manipulation with open fire is forbidden, except for the use of fire by the snack operator with the permission of the festival for the technological preparation of food and beverages and during artistic performances that are part of the festival program.
  • Photographs or audiovisual recordings may not be taken at the festival for commercial purposes.
  • It is forbidden to take photographs or audiovisual recordings during the performance.
  • By entering the festival, the visitor agrees that in connection with the festival and on the festival premises, photographs and audiovisual recordings may be taken of the visitor, which may then be used. There is no remuneration or other compensation for the acquisition and use of such photographs and audiovisual recordings. This consent also applies to minors accompanied by a visitor.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the tent and can only move on the leash in the area. On the Open Air stage, dogs can only on a leash and with a muzzle.
  • The organizer is entitled to deny a person violating these conditions, or a person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other addictive, narcotic or psychotropic substances, entry to the festival or to expel such a person from the festival, without compensation for admission.
  • For the minor visitors of the festival, their legal representatives or persons exercising supervision over the minor visitor are responsible.
  • The organizer will provide safety conditions for the organization of public workshops and workshops, but participation in these workshops is the sole responsibility of visitors.
  • Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the organizers of workshops and workshops.
  • Visitors are themselves responsible for compliance with hygiene and safety measures related to this year's festival (more information on the festival website).