Holektiv & Alžběta Tichá

stan č. 6 60 min 350 Kč



In the MASS project we focus on the theme of self-confidence and self-determination. We explore the ways and means by which we help ourselves to create our own reality and self in the context of contemporary society.

What do we consider to be important and determining for our existence and functioning in society? In what ways do we view and evaluate ourselves? What helps us to feel like ourselves and not just fulfill the expectations of others?

We all form a mass, we are influenced by the image of our surroundings and despite all our efforts to be original we become unified in the midst of the mass of all other beings.


Frequency is a circus project that combines circus arts and body monitoring technology.

With the ever-increasing presence of electronic devices, our every move is being constantly monitored. What information is being collected about us? Can we foster a dialogue between the circus artist and the real-time data captured by these devices? How can they influence each other in the present moment? Can they mutually enrich the creative process? Our exploration aims to unveil the collaboration between the circus artist and the technology.

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