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Cirque Alfonse (Kanada) - Tabarnak

It’s bold, naughty and a hell of a lot of fun.
The Canadian beardies are back! In 2017 they literally wrapped the Letní Letná audience around their finger with Barbu. Now they are again about to conquer our hearts with their new piece TABARNAK.

Tabarnak is a contemporary circus musical taking place in a village church. It is an invitation to come together, a celebration of Heaven and Hell and everything in between, a fiesta of circus, music and reaching for the sky.

From the basement to the nave, from the altar to the choir, Cirque Alfonse, inspired by its roots, provides a fresh take on such a highly symbolic place from their village.

With its signature infectious merriment, Cirque Alfonse embarks on an anarchic and poetic ‘way of the cross’, a lively musical circus where the organ takes a riff on the traditional and the acrobatics turn the church pews upside down.

 And we all come together for a rollicking good old time!

It’s full-on, it’s raucous, but beneath the irreverent mayhem there are some seriously accomplished acrobatic routines…. The Cirque Alfonse family make Tabarnak a veritable feast in celebration of Julian the Hospitaller, the patron saint of circus performers. --- The Herald (August 13 2018, Glasgow, UK)

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