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Age guidance

6+. Forbidden entrance under 3 years old, older children only with parents.
We kindly ask you to respect the parental advisory age recommendations. They are essential to the safety of the artists and the comfort of all our festival guests.


60 min

Losers Cirque Company - Vzduchem - PREMIÉRA

Through the air. A dance-acrobatic show based on a book by Richard Bach “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.

The creators of this performance was inspired by the main plot of the book, the seagull surpass himself thanks to his passion for flight, learning everything he can about flying  and than encouraging others to do the same.

The audience will witness a path of a man who wants something bigger than everybody else, who’s full of passion for flight. Thanks to the fire and determination the man is able to push the limits and move the boundaries of what he can or cannot do. The main character in  this performance is not afraid of failing, he keeps trying new techniques and discovers what his body is capable of. He jumps and falls, again and again.

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Vzduchem - PREMIÉRA


  • 23.8.2018 18:30 - Letenský park VYPRODÁNO
  • 24.8.2018 18:30 - Letenský park LAST SEATS
  • 29.8.2018 18:30 - Letenský park VYPRODÁNO
  • 30.8.2018 18:30 - Letenský park VYPRODÁNO
  • 31.8.2018 18:30 - Letenský park VYPRODÁNO
  • 1.9.2018 14:00 - Letenský park VYPRODÁNO
  • 1.9.2018 18:30 - Letenský park VYPRODÁNO
  • 2.9.2018 14:00 - Letenský park VYPRODÁNO
  • 2.9.2018 18:30 - Letenský park VYPRODÁNO