Akoreacro / Pierre Guillois - KLAXON

Akoreacro was founded nearly 8 years ago, having since toured all over the world. However, the story goes differently this time, with the company settling down in a circus tent with this new production.

Not giving up the roaming, this circular creation draws on the expertise and craft of the old circus generations while taking into account contemporary challenges. With a technical virtuosity and inventive acrobatics, this group of artists confronts the imagination with reality. In the ring five musicians and acrobats cross and pass by one another, support one another, juggle together…

A universe weaved of surprising everydayness where the supposedly ordinary turns into magic, where a piano goes mad, a trainer cuts the animals some slack while sounds slam from the beginning to the end.

Funny, wacky and spectacular, always within the limits of feasible, this show allows everyone to climb to the height of their desires ... In this circular setting everyone has their role in the partition, everyone’s vision is respected and no one is accused of lack of good reason.
A collective creation put together in a physical and spiritual synergy of all-rounded artists. All of that driven by original music playing with contrasts, accompanying this unlikely journey where imagination equals the reality of the artist.

“Acrobatics is the backbone of the show. It is the crucial point of its success: acrobatics is all the more moving that it is unexpected, arising organically from the clustering bodies on stage, letting you forget it only to surprise you more in the next minute. Every moment it is there, as is a cement of a dream. Everything contains everything, that is the secret logic of Klaxon. A microphone replaces a club, a hat takes the place of a ball: the juggling act unfolds like a slam contest of dogs, grooves and a drum machine. A bow easily turns into a magic wand, a cello into a woman and vice versa, later a cello becomes a weapon, a man tied in ropes leaves the ring blowing kisses to the crowd as a diva. Let us indulge in circus dreaming, let us dream circus in which all becomes a poem. All including acrobatics and the drop of a feather, all soaked in rhythm and music. In Klaxon, music is contagious, invading your mental processes, your movement, your creativity. With Klaxon the time has come to redefine circus.”
Anne‐Christine Tinel (Octobre 2013)

"The scenes follow one another at a frantic pace, no more dead time, we do not know where to head. Out of breath, shivering, vibrating, we live the present moment in a kind of daze, bathed in a pleasurable intoxication that draws smiles and laughs as tears."
L'Echo (August 2013)

"Akoreacro deploys enormous energy and the generous members of the group, synchronised as fingers of a hand, boost the strength and cohesion of the whole."
La Scene (January 2014)

"Akoreacro have managed to turn music and acrobatics into a new universal language, accessible to everyone without exception.”
Le Dépeche du Midi (October 2013)

Duration: 70 min

Age guidance: 5+

Price: 570Kč eshop / 550 Kč at the box office
           for children within 15: 200 Kč