Letní letňák

Letní Letná’s
Night Watch

Heading off to one of our night shows and don’t have baby-sitting? Your kids never want to join you when offered a theatre piece with roaring tigers, grinning clowns and, also, it’s not an animated film?
Never mind! Finally, this year, you don’t have to force them and be tortured with their grumpy grimaces. Without missing unforgettable things, both you and them.

Try our creative/children/fresch/scoundrel-like Night Watch, a baby-sitting service from 6 – 10 pm provided by our lecturers from Jablíčkov. This one might even convince your kids into performing puppet theatre or creating their own puppet. Enjoy our international headliner in tranquility. No kids and no worries.

The Night Watch is a service for kids from 4 to 12 years of age.
Price: 250 CZK / child (sibling reduction: 2 children 350 CZK, 3 childrens 500 CZK)


Please reserve your baby-sitting here:
Online reservation

You can either pay:
a) with bank transfer to the bank account n. 107-4819640207/0100, please fill in the date requested and the name of your child into the note line
b) in cash on the spot

What to pack with you?