Letní letňák

Dear parents and children, applications for the summer camp LetníLetňák 2019 will be opened during spring 2019. We will open two groups as in 2018.Parents of children participating in 2018 will be informed in advance.

Please read the frequently asked questions (available only in czech, we can provide it on email letnak@letniletna.cz)

LetníLetňák – general information
Letní Letňák is a day camp and a summer festival school for children of 6 to 15 years of age. They will learn the basics of acting, juggling, art techniques and voice training. They will be working with experts from each particular field. There is also a festival kindergarten with experienced instructors and workshops held by Cirkus TeTy, Cirkus LeGrando, Vojta Vrtek, Bratři v tricku and others. In addition to that,children prepare a show under the baton of theatre experts Bela Schenková and Lenka Krupanská. They will perform it to parents and the public at the end of the festival.

The Letní Letňák day camp is a great way to actively and creatively spend time during the summer holidays at the well-known contemporary circus festival Letní Letná.

FAQ and day camp programme 2018: download here

Contact: Ladislava Poláková, letnak@letniletna.cz


Final performances from Letni Letna 2018

Marie Antoinetta (directed by Bela Schenková)

Letem světem historií (directed by Lenka Krupanská)

Final performance Letní Letňák 2017 -  Jesus Christ Superstar

Final perfomrance Letní Letňák 2016 - King Kong

Final performance Letní Letňák 2014 - The Jungle Book

Final performance Letní Letňák 2013 - Summer western

Final performance Letní Letňák 2011