PF 2018 PF 2018 03.01.2018

We wish you happy New year, full of joy, happines and of course contemporary circus.



Bestias (Francie)

The beauty and beasts. The show entitled Bestias is based on the fine line separating people and animals, rides the animal inside us and reveals the intelligence and emotions of animals as well as the delicate bonds of mutual respect and tenderness.  The performance is a living dream full of horses, birds, dancers, acrobats and musicians which slowly weave the fine thread of its story.

Extension (Francie)

More extreme than ever before! Welcome to the world of danger, risk, roughness and politically incorrect humor. This latest spectacle by the French Cirque Inextremiste will show you things you've never seen before. The acrobatic trio which is well known to the audiences of Letní Letná thanks to their previous show entitled Extrêmités is back and more extreme than ever before. If you're easily shocked, this show isn't for you!

"evropská premiéra" (Francie)

Bêtes de foire (Francie)

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