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8+. Forbidden entrance under 3 years old, older children only with parents.
We kindly ask you to respect the parental advisory age recommendations. They are essential to the safety of the artists and the comfort of all our festival guests.


80 minutes with a break

Ilmatila a Cirkus Mlejn (ČR, FI) - Sofie / Handspun

Zdenka Josefi: Sofie

We have lunch every day at noon. Not even a minute’s delay. You home yet? And then, when I get the blues, I go shopping.

A piece on superficiality, isolation and our strife for outer perfection contrasting with inner emptiness and fake misleading self-perception. Disconnected from reality.
A story of a wealthy and educated woman based in a peripheral urban area. How does she spend her time? Does she thrive on memories? Does she indulge in shopping? Does she watch advertisements? Is she waiting?

Concept, perfomed by: Zdenka Josefi
Music: Stanislav Abrahám
Supervision: Adam Halaš
Movement coach: Veronika Knytlová, Eliška Brtnická, Eva Burgerhoudt
Light design: David Prokopič
Set design: Nikola Tempír
Costume: Radka Josková
Photo&video: Barbora Johansson Pivoňková
Graphic design: studio Divize

Ilmatilla: HANDSPUN

The choreographer and composer approached this work each from their particular fields, music and aerial work. They both focused on showing the virtuosity and very different difficulties of playing an instrument and of dancing on a rope while closely listening to each other and intertwining these two solos into a duet of aerial dance and live cello. The work enabled both artists to concentrate on the basics of their craft, using just a rope, movement and music to create one organic piece of performance.

"While clearly born of the steeliest skill, the piece gave an impression of profound detachment and peace. I envied her.”----------- The Observer (UK)

"Jäntti combines unique rope-climbing and choreographic skills in a work that makes viewers forget technical bravura and focus, instead, on a well-designed game of dramatic tensions. Her interaction with the ropes turns those implements into co-protagonists, with whom she engages in a silent, though theatrically expressive dialogue. And, as in every conversation with the most trusted of friends, tones vary considerably, shifting from the affectionate to the confrontational, from the teasing to the coquettish.” --------- The Spectator (UK)

Choreographer and performer: Ilona Jäntti
Composer: Luke Styles
Czech cellist: Petr Malíšek


Sofie / Handspun Sofie / Handspun Sofie / Handspun Sofie / Handspun Sofie / Handspun