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Daring, playful and sexy and… bearded. Ladies and gentlemen, suit yourselves up for a circus unlike anything you have seen so far. The Canadian company Cirque Alfonse are coming to Letní Letná 2017 with a brand new production, one to boldly question all the established rules of the game. After their great international success with TIMBER, the Canadian lumberjacks are back with BARBU, a revolutionary piece stuffed with original acrobatics, audacious performance, vigorous music and flawless beard cuts.

Forever, happily...

The French-Belgian company Colectiff Malunés has weaved an incredible world of fantasy, a world in which the merciless reality of our present time meets the traditional motives of the fairy tale stories we remember so well from our childhood.


Atelier Lefeuvre& André to return to Letní Letná!

Devoris Causa

Escarlata Circus celebrates its 30th anniversary on a cake garnished with skips, feelings, balances, gravity, skills, animality, cruelty, sweetness and all the ingredients of a beloved pantry.

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