Letní a Lední Letná 2017 Letní and Lední Letná 2017 07.11.2016

The summer is by far gone and the wind and rain of autumn days only offer one consolation - memories. We hope that you, the same as us, reminisce this year’s Letní Letná, an edition to hit records in program diversity and audience rates alike. For our part, we are busy with the upcoming 2017 edition.

The polar bear of Lední Letná has joined us in the preparations of the summer event, taking a winter off this year. One season of hibernation energy boost is bound to bring our winter event back on scene next year.





Cirque Alfonse astonishes and amuses in equal measure The hairy – and mischievous – beasts of Cirque Alfonse have a real knack for winning people over. An affection nurtured, no doubt, by their obvious sincerity and genuineness. The pleasure they take in astonishing and amusing, in nearly equal measure, is quite clear. And contagious. -------Francois Lévesque, Le Devoir – Montréal

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