Daniel Gulko se vrací na Letní Letnou! Daniel Gulko will come again to Letní Letná! 01.08.2016

Daniel Gulko is coming back to Prague! On 26th August as Bottom.

A forgotten fellow wanders in, wearing his threadbare clothes as awkwardly as his memories of better times. At times he is absent, then suddenly dazzling; the world has abandonned him but left him unburdened. This social outcast is both poignant and clearly incompetent. He will dress up as a woman, then an animal or mythological being. These parts articulate what escapes him.

The same day the piece Chaos of the Heart is in the programme, it is the result of a workshop with Daniel Gulko which took place during the Jamu students‘ second year studies. (Contemporary clownery on motives in Shakespeare’s Tragedy: Romeo and Juliet.)

At this time clown characters were developed who thoroughly investigated themes of intimacy and emotion. Daniel Gulko, the director, chose Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet as the pre-text for the creation of a clown piece with the intention of highlighting the tragic heart of clownery. Shakespeare’s inexhaustible verse acts as the trigger for the motion of the clowns’ souls while Pavel Fajt’s music accompanies and strengthens their bubbling essence and fantasizing.




Welcome to the 
greatest party between heaven and hell.


There is a line between human and animal, between madness and sanity, between logic and dream… We invite you to step over this line… and go Beyond!

The Elephant in the Room

Circus. Comedy. Crime.

Beach Boy(s)

The beach is a beautiful place. Who wouldn’t  know the beach. The sun, the sand,  the wind and waves! But what to do if you can't surf? Neither kite? What to do then? Lie on the beach? Sunbath? Get bored? The most adventurous place on the earth is beach! And it’s meant literally.

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