Bratři v tricku, Radim Vizváry a Cirkus TeTy Bratři v tricku, Radim Vizváry and Cirkus TeTy 15.06.2016

Humour and weirdness in a funeral cocktail directed by Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauch, the Best of Radim Vizváry (from the classic pantomime to Butoh, from the physical comedy to contemporary mime theater pieces) or an intimate confession of two women past 30.

The festival of czech contemporary circus offers you these performances and much more:




Welcome to the 
greatest party between heaven and hell.


There is a line between human and animal, between madness and sanity, between logic and dream… We invite you to step over this line… and go Beyond!

The Elephant in the Room

Circus. Comedy. Crime.

Beach Boy(s)

Beach is a beautiful place to be at. Show me one person who wouldn’t like to. Beach is the sand, the sun, the sea, the salt and, more than anything, it is the wind and the waves. But, what is there is no wind and waves and you’re a surfer or a kiter? What do you do then? Lie down, be bored, sunbathe?

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